Founded by Andrew Diey in 2007, we are an Emmy Award Winning creative audio team based in London. Our passion is scoring music full of emotion, and crafting absorbing narratives with sound.

What We Do

• Original Music Composition and Sound Design • Inventing Unique Bespoke Soundscapes
• 100% Authentic Foley and Beyond • Sound Electronics Design & Build
• Sonic Brand Identity • User Interface Sonification

Conceptualizing large scale projects where we imagine bespoke sound and music right from initial planning stages, or working on smaller productions at short notice needing fast turnaround, we have a massive library of inhouse organically created sounds, collection of conventional and purpose-built acoustic instruments, inventory of industry leading microphones and sound recording kit, and full electronic production suite to draw upon.

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Storytelling takes many different forms, and we believe every form of narrative has a sonic soul. Scoring music and designing sound is all about unearthing and expressing that soul to open a magical door into the world where the story lives, drawing us all inside so we connect with the very heart of the experience.

Andrew Diey, Radium’s Founder and Creative Director, says:

“How to describe exactly what we do is challenging as each piece of work is so different. The digital age has facilitated a whole new era of reduced effort and commitment to the creative aspect in media projects, because new and clever tools now often make this possible . In fast paced production environments speedy creation of media assets is an invaluable tool and we ourselves sometimes make use of these same techniques where we feel it’s appropriate. However, I’m highly driven to want to create originality and I find that the scarcity of the authentic in the digital age and increasingly common use of digital presets as the sole source material doesn’t really fit Radium’s approach to our craft.

Digital production is great, but we see it as only one part of our toolbox. We’re often working backwards towards flint, bone and stone in our approach, yet at other times we’re surfing laserbeams to create new sounds. There is no one singularity, only a series of creative points that we join together. Where Radium’s essence lives is that we are one of the most original audio companies, and it’s this originality that people know and come to us for. We are very much craftsmen and craftswomen at work with our hands and our hearts. Unique and lateral thinking in our creative process is a very important part of how we approach our projects for clients, for our own explorations, and for our art, craft and passion.

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