NEWS: Announcing SOUNDS TO PLAY IN THE DARK Shadow Oscillations Vol 2 by Radium Audio. A new collection of horror sounds exploring the ancient art of dark storytelling.

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About Sounds to Play in the Dark

This horror themed sound collection is a continuation of our “Shadow Oscillations” explorations. Originated in our studios by our inhouse team who work tirelessly to research, imagine and develop some of the most arresting timbres and hands on creative approaches in our discipline of sound and music for media. The ancient art of dark storytelling is how humans explore their shadow selves, hidden desires, and greatest fears. We hope you will use SOUNDS TO PLAY IN THE DARK to twist, turn, and sculpt up your own diabolic narratives. Bind, bound, mould into chilling music scores, haunted adverts, dark films, horros tropes, whatever shadowy nebulous stories you happen to be weaving.


TONES TIMBRES FLAVOURS : Alarming, eerie, disturbing, scary, whispering, creeping, demonic, incantations, Babylonian, ancient, jump scare, distortion, spooky, supernatural, wicked, creepy and unnerving, vocally demonic, head slices, soul hits, ghost rasps, paranoid scrapes, twists and knife turns. Play these sounds in the dark, and peel back the fabric of our day to day world for a spinetingling glimpse into the eternal night …

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Radium Audio – Unholy_Geometry_Shudders_Movements_And_Risers
Radium Audio – Creepy_Mask_Dude_Breathes_Human_Breathing_Horror
Radium Audio – Heartbeat_Tension_Build_Narrative_Pulser_Rise


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