08/09/15 UPDATE
Thanks so much to everyone who has applied for this position, we’ve seen some really great work, and the standard has been very high! The role has now been filled, and so we are closing off submissions. We’ll be in touch with everyone individually with an update on the outcome.

How to Apply:

1. First, if you haven’t already seen it, watch the video above. Then, read all the information below under The Role. Finally, read through and be sure you understand all the Frequently Asked Questions at the very bottom of this page.

2. If you’d like to apply, email jobs@radium-audio.com with the subject line format “1505 Web Developer/Designer (YOUR FULL NAME AND CELLPHONE NO)”

3. Tell us in the email

  1. How you found out about this opening
  2. What appeals to you about this role
  3. What you’d bring to it
  4. Why you’d be really great at it
  5. Salary you’d expect to be paid
  6. When you’d be available to start

4. Include with the email maximum of 8 links to websites you’ve worked on, which best highlight your skills relevant to this position. Focus on sites where you did as much of the front end work yourself as possible. We are particularly interested in any ecommerce work or highly stylized sites (eg graphic novels, high end media presentations etc) you have to show us so be sure to include those as priority. For each of the links we’d like to know

  1. Exactly which parts of the site you created yourself and quick summary of how you did it
  2. If you didn’t do everything yourself, the size/makeup of the team you worked in, and which aspects they handled, and which were down to you
  3. How long it took you to complete the work

5. Attach to the email as pdf your standard CV.


The Role:

We’re looking for a Front End Developer to come and join our small and highly creative media music production company. You’ll have a significant input into our online forward strategy and planning. Although you’ll be collaborating full time with our Bristol team, we’re happy to look at a remote working arrangement. You’ll be a highly capable and flexible team player, able to think outside the box to come up with creative and innovative ways to express our vision for our web presences, and you’ll enjoy the opportunity to bring some of your ideas to the table as well. We’d love for you to play an integral part in shaping our online storytelling, and be proactive and self-managing in keeping us up to date with how the latest developments in your field can be incorporated into what we do. You’ll be adaptable, take a flexible approach to work tools and processes, and have the aptitude and drive to learn new tech on the job where needed. Taking a “can do” attitude to ideas which may require you to stretch and even move beyond your current experience and capability, you’ll be part of a growing web team comprising our current web developer, graphic designer, creative director, copywriter, and project manager. Within the team collaboration you’ll take ownership and work independently on the front end structural design, coding, content maintenance, documentation, and integration with other aspects of the operation. You’ll be working with a team who understand that great code is an art form, just like images, music, and sound, and you’ll be highly respected for the creative contribution you’re bringing to the table, so we hope you like getting lots of applause …

Primary Responsibilities

  • Front end development & maintenance of all things web related
  • Developing new user-facing features
  • Creating visually appealing web pages and interfaces
  • Building reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Assisting development and ensuring the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
  • Optimizing our web presence for maximum speed and scalability
  • Ensuring our web presences are fully responsive across all platforms & devices, and compliant with up to date standards
  • Collaborating with other team members and stakeholders
  • SEO
  • Creating online magic

Essential Skills

  • Strong HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript a must
  • Responsive Design
  • Multi-platform testing for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Understanding of PHP
  • Comfortable integrating to APIs
  • jQuery & Ajax
  • Understanding of web typography and layout
  • Wire-framing and designing mock-ups
  • Photoshop image manipulation
  • Communication and documentation skills including creation of flowcharts and draft modelling
  • Ability to discuss technical solutions, options and issues with a non-technical audience.
  • Ability to create and find solutions within a pre-defined structured technical framework
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them.
  • Good understanding of SEO principles such as semantic markup.
  • Solid understanding of usability, web accessibility and cross-browser/platform issues.
  • Solid experience with e-commerce environments

Useful Extras

  • Client Side Frameworks such as Angular
  • Understanding of asynchronous request handling, and partial page updates
  • CSS3 Animation
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • UX background for mobile platforms/devices
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Back end experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ is quite long and involved – sorry about that! We asked everyone we know who works in web development what they would want to find out from a job ad, and we’ve tried to include all of it. If there’s anything still missing that you really want to ask about, email robyn@radium-audio.com and we’ll do our best to fill in the gaps.

Section 1. Should I apply for this role ?

Q. What level of experience do I need to apply ?
A. We’ll need you to hit the ground running in this position. So we think you’ll probably be at least a very strong middleweight developer.

Q. When would you need me to start ?
A. As soon as possible.

Q. I’ve got fantastic front end development skills, but I don’t really consider myself much of a designer. Can I still apply ?
A. Yes. This position leans heavily towards web building/coding rather than visual design. So long as you have solid skills in building highly slick and heavily functional front end interfaces, and you have solid web layout/mockup skills, it’s fine if you’re light on the graphic design end of things.

Q. I’m a really great visual designer, but my web build/coding skills aren’t that strong. Can I still apply ?
A. Best not to. The strong web build/coding skills are critical and not negotiable – the visual design we have covered already albeit we will want you to be able to collaborate with others on that.

Q. I have a lot to learn about front end development but I’m really keen, and I’ll work really hard to get up to speed. Can I still apply ?
A. If you’re comparatively inexperienced, you’ll likely find the level of pressure and expectation in this role too stressful. Best to be very honest with yourself about what you can do now, and what you think you could learn to do quickly. This definitely isn’t a role for a beginner, and you’ll be expected to start delivering what we need to a high standard right away. Because we’re a small team with everyone carrying their full weight, there’s nowhere to hide and “fake it til you make it”.

Q. I’ve not done much in the way of developing sites from scratch, but I can take an existing web template and twist it to get what you want. I guess that makes me a developer. Will that be ok?
A. Sorry, no. We’ll be asking you to create in code our ideas and designs, and these often won’t be anything you’ll find in a template. So you’ll need to be able to build small code worlds to do what we need, and simply modifying other people’s templates as your standard approach won’t work.

Q. I don’t have a tertiary qualification in IT. But I’ve got loads of experience, and I’m very disciplined about about keeping my skills and knowledge up to date. Can I apply?
A. Yes, definitely! So long as you can demonstrate that you have a strong knowledge of current practices and standards, you are able to take a flexible and creative approach to what we need rather than being locked only into one way of working, and you’re a responsive wizard, we’re keen to hear from you!

Q. You mention “content maintenance”. Would I be expected to write material for the sites, and make visual assets ?
A. No, our copywriter handles written content, and our visual team create visual assets. But you will be responsible for uploading/formatting/integrating content others create, and also collaborating with the team to design layout and interactivity, and managing file location storage and organisation of web assets.

Q. You mention “web presences” but I can only see one Radium Audio website. Are there other websites I’ll be working on as well ?
A. Yes, there are. We can’t share those here, however we’ll fill you in if we reach the stage of having further discussions about the role.

Q. In “Useful Extras” you mention “Back End experience”. I thought this was a Front End role. Will I be expected to do everything?
A. No. We expect most of the work to be front end focused, particularly since it seems now that a lot of web functionality is starting to live more in the front end than the back end in any case. We have a part time developer already who has been looking after the full stack, and with you on board, he’ll be focusing more on the back end. But when he’s not available, or if there’s a lot to do and you’re not busy on front end, it would be really great if you’re able to help out, that would definitely add value from our point of view.

Q. Will I need to create visual assets from scratch for the sites ?
A. No, we have an inhouse visual team already. However, we’d like you to either have the ability or be prepared to learn to make quick edits to images in Photoshop or similar, so that if just an image grab, adjustment or reformat is needed prior to web integration, you can handle it yourself quickly rather than having the delay of passing it back to someone else to do.

Q. Why isn’t your Radium Audio website fully responsive ?
A. We’ve been too busy to make the update. We’d love you to take charge of that, and do something really amazing with it.

Q. How much will I be collaborating with others, versus working independently? ?
A. Although we’re happy for you to work remotely, we think there will be a lot of teamwork required in the role, as you’re not solely responsible for the web presence. It will be important to take a flexible approach to trying out new ideas (both yours and the team’s). Also, it’s important that your code is tidy, easy to understand, and adheres to common standards, as in addition to working with our own team, from time to time we could be collaborating with other freelancers or external agencies, so it needs to be easy for others to understand and build on what you’ve put in place.

Q. How do you intend to assess my skills for this role ?
A. If your initial application is selected out for follow up and you reach shortlisted stage, as part of our overall assessment there will be a practical time based demonstration of your front end development skills which we will ask you to complete.

Q. You have an amazing client list! Will I be creating web pages for them ?
A. Just to be super-clear, no you won’t. The clients you see on our website come to us for audio creative, not web services. You will be working on the web presence and storytelling of Radium and our associated channels, not those of our audio clients. So you won’t have the multiple client, multiple deadline pressure that comes with freelance and agency work. While we do expect this will be a busy role, the only online worlds you’ll be building and stories you’ll be telling will be ours.

Q. So there’s no time pressure in this role then?
A. Deadlines and launch dates will be discussed and agreed with your full involvement. So we’ll expect you to have the ability to look at what we want to do, be able to put an accurate timeframe on that, and be able to complete in the time we’ve all agreed. But you’ll only be doing that inhouse for our work, and not for multiple external clients.

Q. Will I need to supply my own equipment ?
A. No you won’t. We will supply computer/workstation, and anything else you need.

Q. I don’t live near the studio, but I’d be willing to work remotely. Can I still apply ?
A. Yes. Given the highly fluid and organically creative nature of what we do, we usually feel the best results can only be achieved from being physically and mentally present and together as a team. However because we understand that web development and coding requires intense focus and works best with minimal distraction, and the studio tends to be a bit noisy and hectic, remote working may well work best for this role, so long as you’re located close enough to spend some weekly time physically with us where needed, and attend for presentations. We’d also expect that you’d be highly conscientious in maintaining contact/communications and excellent integration with our inhouse work processes so that we always feel you’re in the loop and electronically if not physically present in our workflow.

Q. I don’t live in the UK, but I’d be willing to work remotely from my own country. Can I still apply ?
A. Sorry, but that won’t work. It’s fine for you to work from home, but you’ll need to live close enough to come to our Bristol studio for presentations and meetings. At most we think this would be about once a week. Often less frequent than that.

Q.I represent a company who offers web design services. Would you be prepared to use my company for your web requirements instead of hiring someone inhouse?
A. Sorry, but no. We’re definitely looking to bring an individual onto our team with this opening.

Q.I represent a recruitment agency, and I have some great candidates who’d be perfect for this role. Can we talk?
A. Sorry, but we have a direct recruitment policy, and we don’t deal with agencies for new hires. Thanks very much anyway.

Q. What level of remuneration are you offering ?
A. Competitive salary will be offered on individual basis at a level in line with ability, experience, and value brought to the team at time of hire. We’ve asked you to let us know what level of pay you’re looking for in your application, and we’re going to take you at your word and presume you won’t take any less than what you’ve set out should we offer you the position. To be really clear – we’re not looking to bring in the person willing to work for the lowest salary. We expect to pay the going rate for similar positions/ ability/ experience levels so that you feel fairly rewarded for your work and involvement with us.

Q. Aside from the pay, what’s in this for me ?
A. If our team is a good fit for you, you will:

  • Be excited by the opportunity to create web worlds and tell stories which are highly creative and unusual, as opposed to building standard company/corporate online presences.
  • Relish working with a team who see and respect what you do as creating magic, and get a real kick out of surprising and delighting us with your web creativity.
  • Appreciate having the option to work remotely, whilst still having the company and support of a team at the end of a phone/email/skype chat/ within driving distance.
  • Delight in exploring indepth and at length our online sound and music universe, rather than spreading your skills more thinly across a variety of industries and types of projects.
  • Like being encouraged to unearth new ideas, tools and techniques to bring to the table.
  • Enjoy our subterranean studio environment when you’re visiting, with full bar, DJ decks and vinyl collection, table tennis, vintage 80’s arcade machine, and giant full-wall screen Xbox rig.

Q. I collaborate with one or more web build partners. Can we apply collectively ?
A. Unfortunately that won’t work. Right now we have a full time position for 1 person, who will need to carry the entire skillset for the job themselves.

Q. I don’t live near your studio right now, but I’d be willing to relocate if I got the job. Can I still apply ?
A. Yes you can, most of the application process can be completed remotely. However if you make it through to the final shortlist, you will need to travel at your own expense to attend the studio in person for final interview & demo stages. You don’t need to live within daily commutable distance, as we’re happy for you to work from home. However, you do need to live close enough to come into the studio on “day trip” basis, as we would want you to be present at some meetings/presentations. At most this would be a weekly occurrence, usually less.

Q. I don’t live in the UK, but I’m an EU citizen and I have the right to move to the UK and take employment without any restrictions. Can I still apply ?
A. Yes you can. Most of the application process can be completed remotely. However if you make it through to the final shortlist, you will need to travel at your own expense to attend the studio in person for final interview & demo stages, and to relocate very promptly if offered the position.

Q. I don’t live in the UK, and I also live outside the EU. Can I still apply ?
A. You will need to demonstrate to us with your initial application that you have the unrestricted right already in place to live and work in the UK, as we are not able to assist with immigration issues and work permit applications. Most of the application process can be completed remotely. However if you make it through to the final shortlist, you will need to travel at your own expense to attend the studio in person for final interview & demo stages, and to relocate very promptly if offered the position.

Q. I’m not looking for a full time position, but I’d be interested in freelancing for you as and when. Can I still apply ?
A. We have a lot to do, so we need someone on this with us full time, with full availability. If we’re looking for part time freelancers, we’ll advertise that specifically.

Q. I’m not right for this role, but could I apply for an internship or some work experience, or just spend some time in studio observing ?
A. We’re often working on projects for clients which are highly confidential, so while we don’t want to be anti-social, mostly we try to avoid having observers in studio who are not directly working on projects in progress. Sometimes we do have opportunities for internships or work experience, and we ALWAYS advertise these as it has happened in the past that the occasional intern has come in, blown us away with energy, commitment, talent and usefulness, and progressed eventually to a permanent position on the team. So we want to throw the net as wide as we can. You can sign up on our Radium Careers page to be notified of any opportunities that come up.

Q. I’m not really right for this role, but can I just send you my work speculatively? Do you have other opportunities happening soon and will you remember me when they come up ?
A. Given that we’re expanding, we will definitely have further opportunities to come soon. We wouldn’t say “no, don’t send us your work” because we take it as a compliment that you’d choose to share it with us. But realistically, we’re flat out most of the time and while we review speculative applications occasionally, given the volume we receive it’s difficult to make an ongoing commitment to review all of them. Also, if you’re sending us a general email about your work, you’re essentially shooting blind. Whereas if you’re responding to a specific callout we’ve made, you’ll be able to shape what you send us so that it fits with what we’re looking for at that time, and we do commit to reviewing EVERY submission when it’s for a role we’ve advertised. You’re more likely to grab our attention if you submit something we’ve specifically asked for, in the way that we’ve asked for it, at the time we’re looking for it.

Section 2 . Ok I’ve decided I’m going to apply, and I’m preparing my submission ….

Q. I’ve worked on loads of sites but you’ve said I can only share with you a maximum of 8. What sort of work should I focus on ?
A. Here are some aspects which are really interesting for us:
E-Commerce sites, particularly WordPress/WooCommerce & Magento
High end multimedia sites
Taking a non-responsive site and designing it to be responsive (only with before and after information/screenshots, otherwise we can’t really see how you improved it)
Bespoke/creative/interesting user experiences you have created yourself, not taken straight from a template

Q. How should I organise the information I submit to you in this email ?
A. As long as it’s within guidelines given, we’ll leave that up to you. We will be looking to see how well you organise your information and get your point across to a non-technical audience, so we suggest to be mindful of that as you’re preparing your submission.

Q. I have some material to share but it’s not totally all my work although I contributed. Is it ok to submit ?
A. Preferably all work submitted should be completely your own, not a collaboration, so that we can get a feel for what you can do. However we know that may not be possible in all cases, so if you are submitting some work you’ve jointly created with others, please follow the guidelines for this under “How to Apply” so it’s really clear for us what your contribution was.

Q. Is it an advantage to get my application in really early ?
A. Yes. We need to find someone to work with us as quickly as possible. As soon as we find the right person, we’ll be inviting them to join us and applications will be closed.

Q. When do applications close ?
A. When we’ve either found the right person, or we’re confident that we have a shortlist that will lead to a definite hire. We will announce updates both here and on Facebook to keep everyone in the loop at all times.

Section 3: I’ve sent in my submission. What happens now?

Q. Ok so I’ve applied for the position following all the guidelines given. What happens next ?
A. We will begin reviewing and shortlisting applications. EVERY application we receive is reviewed. After an initial shortlist is compiled, our internal team review these and decide upon a final Stage 1 shortlist. Those people will then be contacted by phone to discuss next steps. Also, we post updates on Facebook, so we’ll let everyone know when we’re getting close to a shortlist and some follow up phone calls.

Q. Did you get my email ?
A. You should receive an auto –responder from us confirming receipt of your email. If you haven’t:

  • Check your spam or junk mail in case it landed there
  • Check you have only sent your submission to jobs@radium-audio.com and not directed to or included any other address
  • If neither of the above applies, email us again without any attachments or links with “NO RECEIPT RECEIVED” inserted at the end of your original subject line. We’ll then check our autoresponder to be sure it’s working properly, and let you know if we received your mail.

Q. Should I phone just for a quick chat to follow up my application ?
A. Please don’t be offended, however we’d really prefer if you didn’t. If we’re liking what you’ve sent us, we’ll definitely be phoning you!

Q. Will you let me know about the outcome regardless of whether or not I’ve been successful ?
A. Yes, once we’ve found someone, applicants who didn’t hear from us by phone will receive a standard email notification. Also you can keep up with progress on our Facebook and Radium Careers pages where we will post status updates as they become available for any advertised role.

Thanks and good luck – we’re looking forward to reviewing your submissions!