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If you’ve been following on Facebook, you’ll already be up to speed on our journey to create our SHADOW OSCILLATIONS collection! To recap, having set aside a couple of days for creative sound R&D, we asked Radium Facebookers to share their creative wishlists for a day in our sound garden. We had a great creative discussion opening up, and then aspiring sound creative Richard Libor posted that he’d love to record subsonic vibrations using metal sheets and dry ice. Given that we’d been planning a similar session and we had the materials in studio, we invited Richard as a special guest to spend the day with the Radium team, and all do the session together. Join us on the journey …


The best way to learn is by doing, so we asked Richard what he’d learned during his day with us. Richard says his takeaway points were:

  • Always try to get the cleanest, best recording you can in the actual session. It saves a lot of time later.
  • Find the sweet spot whilst recording each sound, hone in on that, and max it out.
  • Experiment with tools and approaches in the recording session, what works well might surprise you.

We loved having Richard in studio with us for the day. A fresh pair of eyes and ears always makes us think about what we do from a different perspective. We’re definitely going to do this again after the dust settles on some upcoming projects. Meanwhile, our SHADOW OSCILLATIONS journey continues below …

  • Unusual Sound Design Sound Garden in Bloom
  • Creating Metal SFX Metal Stash Stockpile
  • Recording Metal SFX Auditioning the Metal
  • Creating Metal SFX Coppersonic Vibration
  • Recording Reverb 2 Second Reverb Room
  • Metal SFX Dense & Hollow Resonance
  • Sound Tools Tools of the Trade
  • Unusual Musical Instruments Sound Garden Instruments
  • Bespoke Musical Instruments Sonic Performance
  • Synth Sounds Machines & Man
  • Unusual Sound Design Sound Garden in Bloom

About Shadow Oscillations

Shadow Oscillations is a creative sound collection we made for our sonic community, recorded in Radium’s 6second reverb chamber and designed to slot straight into both commercial and non paid music and sound design projects. We recorded, edited, designed and mastered the sounds specifically to bring a dark metallic sub colour to your personal sound library. Just for the record, we bear no latent hostility toward metal objects, we just wanted to get some edgy and interesting new sounds! Big props to our special guest for the day Richard Libor who assisted in the recording sessions and contributed some sounds to this collection – it was Richard’s first sound creation & design experience in a professional environment, and we think he did great!

Shadow Oscillations Tones Timbres Flavours
Dark Abyss, Shuddering Resonance, Hard Hitting Dissonance, Sub Shaking, Earth Moving, Tremoring, Metallic Vibration, Infrasonic Subliminal, Tensile Stress, Tormented Metal, Twisting,Distorting,Contorting, Sub Waveform Manipulation, Seismic Shifts, Hits, Impacts, Abstract Tensile Sounds, Tales from and for a Darker Palette…

Quick preview immediately below. Scroll to the bottom to download, explore, create, and most of all, enjoy!!

Radium Audio – Foley Source – Shadow Oscillations by Radium Audio
Radium Audio – Designed Sounds – Shadow Oscillations by Radium Audio


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