Sunrise International Initiation Agreement

April 12, 2021 11:39 pm

Gavin: I had an incredible co-founder named Chloe. In another life, she actually helped an organization that built and operated these types of centers first and then international department centers. The Sunrise IUA was signed on 6 March 2003 in Dili, East Timor, by Alexander Downer, then Australian Foreign Minister, and Ana Pessoa, East Timor`s Minister of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The agreement came into force on February 23, 2007, with CMATS coming into force on the same day. China also has two other types of schools. It has private or Chinese international school, and those who have a bit of Chinese program in them, are registered differently and can accept Chinese nationals. Gavin: At the time, there weren`t really many new classifications that are registered international schools in China. It`s like two or three years ago. Because they recognized the international department, it`s something that happened later, there was a bit of public outcry, how can these foreign organizations work on public school campuses? Most of the growth and development I see today are international private schools. They have foreign investors, they have domestic investors. Gavin: There are other organizations that have done that. But I don`t know they were international organizations.

So there were local organizations, for example, that would see that we proposed a discussion program, and then they want to do it. The Sunrise International Unitization Agreement (Sunrise IUA) was concluded to allow the use of the Sunrise and Troubador oil and gas fields in Lake Timor, which are collectively known as the Greater Sunrise Gisement. The Greater Sunrise area extends across the border between the Common Oil Development Area (JPDA), established under the Lake Timor Treaty, and Australian territorial waters, as defined in the 1972 agreement on the seabed border between Australia and Indonesia. The unification of the domain would allow it to be seen as one in terms of use, regulation, taxation, management and other objectives, which would ensure the safety of investors by creating a financial framework and an international legal basis for the development of this area. Now that they have founded the Chinese International School, they have started to say that we have a few years, each region is different to become one. Different constructions, different references, different abilities to go out and then act as an independent organization that we can monitor effectively. This transition is taking place faster in Beijing and Shanghai, and the further away we are from the cities of the first stage. You have to say, “Our care program is excellent” or “we have a direct enrollment agreement with this national university, and you can do a 3-2 program.” You must have something that is marketable and captivating. It has to be a good decision for the right kind of student to make it work. If it`s like everyone else, it`s more difficult.