Graphic-Designer Freelance Part-time

29/05/19 UPDATE
Thanks again to everyone who has reached out. We have finalised the current shortlist and reached out to everyone we would like to speak further with. We will still accept and review submissions as we have a rotating roster of partners we work with, so always open to new talent. However, we’re no longer actively advertising this opening.

03/04/19 UPDATE
Many thanks to everyone who got in touch about this! We’ve had 473 submissions and it is taking us some time to go through everything. If we’d like to have a further conversation with you, we’ll definitely be in touch once we’ve caught up on all the applications.

We’re looking for a graphic designer to work with our team on part time, freelance basis. We already have a small visual team producing all of Radiums films, and brand content. You will bring a slice of clean, grid, graphic design, but also be asked sometimes to cut loose and get experimental… We have some fundamental guides already in place, and would like to develop our comms / products further. We love exploring mixed media, photography, stills, VFX, motion. 3d, 360, AR, practical effects, and more, so expect to be involved in some new ideas, and investigate new tools in addition to your Adobe CC. We’re a tight, creatively ambitious team, and we’re all pushing forward with a real sense of visual and sonic magic. So bring your design head and creative heart into the mix, and get ready to produce some of your best work …


  • Creating designs, layouts and templates for digital, social, print media & merchandise
  • Preparing rough drafts and presenting initial moodboards
  • Researching and applying new visual techniques and methods
  • Amend final designs to client comments and gain full approval


  • Strong eye and creative flair for visual design and presentation.
  • Positive personality, good ability to interact, communicate and present ideas
  • Proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Conceptual thinker
  • Precise attention to detail
  • Time conscious, working quickly and efficiently


  • Freehand illustration
  • 3D Animation


Aside from doing great work which is a given, we hope you’ll be the sort of collaborator who responds promptly to calls, emails and messages, is reliable in keeping to your commitments, and brings a can-do attitude to exploring new ideas. In getting involved with us you’ll be working with one of the most exploratory forward thinking creative teams in sound today, and we really hope you’ll connect with what we do, and enjoy the projects we work on together.

We imagine we’d begin with some ad hoc part time freelance work. All going well, we’re open to an ongoing retainer arrangement if we find the right person to work with.


1. Ensure you have the email address “” in your address book, so you get our autoresponder letting you know we got your email. If you don’t receive it, also check your spam, trash, or bin in case it ended up there.

2. Address an email to “” with subject line formatted like this:
“1810 Graphic Designer – [Your Name]-[Your Mobile No]”

3. List in bullet point style your visual design / skillsets/tools starting with your best and working downwards. For each one, please state whether you consider yourself to be “superhero”, “advanced”, “intermediate” or “beginner”. A short explanatory paragraph with each is fine if you want to include that too.

4. Underneath your skills bulletpoints, write an introductory message telling us where you saw this opening, and telling us about your existing involvement with design/projects right now.

5. Then tell us how you’d like to contribute visually to what we do, and elaborate a bit more on how you see your involvement with us.

6. Next, include weblinks to any still or moving image portfolio material you’d like to share. We’re especially interested to see anything you may have which connects with the Pinterest boards and videos we shared above, ideally please send us material which is very much in that style as this is what we’re looking for. Why not head back up the page to refresh your memory before you choose what to share with us.

7. Give us an idea of how you prefer to be remunerated. If you operate a rate card please share that info with us. Alternatively if you price by negotiation or on total project basis, give us a couple of costing examples from the work you’ve shared with us.

8. Take the opportunity to show us your design and layout skills in your CV, and include it as a pdf formatted attachment. Be sure it includes your current physical address.

9. Read through “Other Stuff” below before hitting “Send”. Thanks!


Please be honest and realistic with your rates/costings/salary expectation, as we will take you at your word rather than making an assumption that we’d negotiate later on what you’ve said. Please spare our server space and don’t send huge downloadable attachments and files, go with clickable/streamable links to assets viewed/played from cloud or similar. Website links, Youtube, Vimeo, Behance, Pinterest, all fine. Please don’t send anything which requires us to log in to view. Passworded links are fine, please use “radium” as the password. If you’ve added “” to your address book, you should receive our autoresponder confirming we got your message. Check your spam, junk, bin, and trash as well just in case. If we’d like to follow up further, we’ll get in touch with you.

Any questions, email Thanks!

NB:Strictly no agencies, recruiters or representatives, thanks!