2020 Freelance Graphic Designer


  • Creative Typography
  • Creative Exploration
  • Grid Layouts or Magazine Layout
  • Grid Layouts or Digital Layout
  • Brand Design & Exploration
  • Packaging Design & Exploration
  • Work with Manufacturer Templates to design packaging
  • Poster Layout & Creative finals
  • Typography Hierarchy – explorations
  • Working with Vectors / Ae / Psd / Indesign / Grids


  • Photography Skills – Grading etc
  • Experimental Design Creativity
  • Ability to organise and keep a tight design schedule
  • Ability to adapt to new tools / techniquesGrid Layouts or Digital Layout
  • AE – Motion Grahics
  • 3D

Radium is an award winning music and sound team. We work with designers to produce our own promotional material, including posters, flyers, films, t-shirts, and other unique items incorporating cutting edge physical materials, design and manufacturing techniques.

We’re seeking talented creatives in several visual design areas to expand our existing freelance/part time design team. We have regular work on offer once a relationship is established, and it’s fine to work from home as long as you can join us online for chats, use online tools, and deliver great work.

You will be involved in a wide variety of design projects so if you’re a strong generalist that’s great. However, if you are particularly strong in one of the areas of design we need that’s fine too, we’re openminded on that, and can allocate project work wherever design strengths sit. If you have experience working in print or products that’s going to be handy, if not, a keen eye for detail would be an excellent start. A curiosity and willingness to pick up new tools, techniques and materials will also be a big help.

Right now, we’re most keen to connect with a graphic designer who is particularly strong in layout with a fantastic sense of grid and form.

We’re also seeking help on the typography front, and always interested in mixed material/format collage graphic design illustrators too.

Our team are very Adobe based, so would be a benefit if you were as well. We also use online tools for file sharing so you’ll need to have space on your machine as well as the power to handle a multilayered After Effects project.


See below some Pinterest boards which speak to different aspects of what we do.

If you’re interested in working with us, then share with us examples of your work which speak strongly to the design orientations and techniques we’re sharing here . If you don’t have anything like this but you’re sure you can execute similar work, then craft up some specific demo material to share!

For your portfolio work, please be sure to send online viewable links rather than attachments or downloadables, and only share work which aligns with the Pinterest boards below.

It’s ok to attach a pdf format CV if you wish to do so – max filesize 2MB.

Please format your email subject heading like this:

“2020 Graphic Designer-[YOUR NAME]-[YOUR CELLPHONE NO]

Applications to jobs@radium-audio.com


Pinterest Boards which give a flavour of what we are seeking – if you feel you fit one more than others that’s ok – we can work with specialists as well as generalists.

These Pinterest boards are inspiration for what we like, what we do, and examples of good solid design. We’re very used to seeing early sketches and ideas first drafts, development and evolution, right through to proof and onto final print. If you’re a less experienced designer we can guide you through these steps at first. If you’re a more experienced head, we’d expect you’ll grasp the creative and technical demands almost straight away.

We feel this is one of the cornerstones of creating well designed projects. Understanding how the grid works and being able to present ideas and sketches, within a grid format gets across the design structure early and gives a good feel for project direction right at the start.

We will be doing a lot of layout work, so a good understanding of grid basics and design is a very important skill to bring to the table.

Product and packaging is an artform. Our digital and physical creative products must radiate a strong sense of brand from box, packing paper, tape and the whole visual design experience. If you enjoy taking an idea from conception to prototype, to design test and then to final print, this side of what we do will be a good match for you.

This Helvetica Grid – formal layout style is one we work with often. If you like this structured, minimal but creative grid, great, because it’s one of our key areas of work where we’ll need your eye, design skills and focus.

Please note also the use of minimal type over the background photography, treated image, product and info detail etc, this is something we will be looking out for in portfolios & submissions.

This has great use of grid, planning, type hierarchy, product photos, orientation, ease of finding items and absorbing info, – a good break up of type and info, with product images, and detail.
In this moodboard there is a leaning towards Helvetica, but that won’t always be the case. We do use different fonts, however we’ve drilled into Helvetica here to keep it clean and demonstrate grid, layout, type, and plenty of information laid out in straightforward orientation for reading.

If you are more of a right brained creative, with a similar feel to what’s shown here, we still would love to see your portfolio – we have a team where your creative work can be supported by a design framework around it.