Original Music and Sound Design by Radium Audio

Filmed on location in West Cornwall, Swami’s short film profiles multiple British and European longboard champion Sam Bleakley: surfer, explorer and writer. An insightful glimpse into a surfer’s state of mind, travel wanderlust and the ultimate draw back home, Radium is invited to create the soundtrack …

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Watching the film for the first time, we are completely absorbed by the honesty and simplicity of Sam Bleakley’s narrative, set against the cinematic feel of the beautifully shot and edited film footage. Listening to Sam speaking about the mercurial qualities of the aquatic environment and watching the surf sequences, we are struck by the place of inner stillness, strength, and kinetic wisdom from which he seems to engage with the front lines of the oceanic world. So we imbue those qualities at the very heart of the sound and music we create, evolving a score of panoramic serenity laced with a subtle oceanic narrative, sonically opening the door into Sam’s world, inviting all of us to take a step across the threshold …

Film: Stephen Langmanis & Alan Aboud
Music & Sound: Radium Audio