Electronics Design & Build by Radiumphonic Lab:

Keen to create an interactive experience which is very much a part of visiting and connecting with some of the UK’s most iconic heritage sites, National Trust and their PR Agency Mischief put forward the idea to have well known and loved British voices recount public and personal histories relating to specifically chosen locations and embed these stories inside park benches placed in the grounds of selected heritage sites. Radium is co-opted into the project to devise an audio solution.

After discussing with client their vision for the project, we understand that we will need to use our acoustic design and engineering skills to create mp3 audio playback devices which must meet our self imposed criteria in order to provide a seamless interactive experience for visitors to National Trust sites.

  • Highly robust design and construction for constant unsupervised public use
  • Impervious to changes in ambient temperature and humidity
  • Very small size and specific rectangular shape to be easily incorporated into the physical bench build
  • No external power source or recharge required
  • Technical specification to provide appropriate levels of audio fidelity regardless of which type of headphones may be used in playback

We carefully design the mp3 players with these 5 very important criteria in mind, proceeding to research carefully the latest available componentry in the market before procuring what we need. After assembling the mp3 players in our studio, we head across London to Gaze Burvill, to work together on the install of our electronics into the wooden benches they’ve carefully crafted for the National Trust project, before these are shipped out to the multiple locations around the UK where the audiobench experiences will be offered.

Listen to PETER, Radiumphonic Lab’s Head of Production, describe the project: IN LINE PLAY

Radium-Audio ยท Benchmate – Peter

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