The Fading Light


Monsters have invaded a village, slaughtering almost everyone. The last survivor, a young woman with a special power, is badly wounded. She flees to the misty woods beyond her village, seeking refuge in a dark hiding place. But they can smell her blood. They follow her, stalking her. She is scared, but as she feels them approaching, she realizes what she must do: Move beyond what she thinks is possible. Destroy these beasts. Use her power to create a new beginning. And she will — no matter what it takes.

We are beside ourselves with excitement when we take first look at the highly cinematic short film up-and-coming director Richard Krause made for PauseFest, and can’t wait to dive in on the music and sound design which we’ve been asked to create for Richard’s piece. A hyper-real take on a super-surreal world!

Dust To Dust


“Dust to Dust” is an oneiric piece about a journey where we emerge, we evolve, change, break, put the pieces together again and keep changing and going forward until we reach our destination. This journey depicts life which is represented as a cycle, as a loop where there is no tangible destination because the destination is the journey itself.