Original Score and Sound Design by Radium Audio

“Come .. fly the teeth of the wind …”
Immerse in our audio visual narrative, as we explore the Panasonic product universe at the invitation of Sky Creative, responding to the dark corners, smooth curves, sleek lines and sophisticated design attributes of the all new Panasonic range for 2012..

Creating the musical soundscape for these sponsorship spots is a creative treat as the pictures are a study in the art of contrast, strikingly designed with a broadshouldered confidence which sonically tunes us in and lures us to delve deep into the ebb and flow of what you see … to create from that dynamism what you hear …

We are artists .. and often when we see pictures we immediately and instinctively know which style and tone of voice to approach, which is why we opt for live instruments of piano, harp and lots of sub-bass sweeps…

” … share our wings … ”
You can even listen to the early sound design layers individually as we fly through the forms shapes and ideas to demonstrate the art of sculpting musical sounds to match the images, exploring the lush, darker face of sound to picture.