Original Music Score and Sound Design by Radium Audio

When we find out we’re to be involved in the music & sound design for a Season 3 Game of Thrones trailer spot, we’re all pretty excited about it!

So we throw ourselves into the task of creating a sonic world fit for the alternate medieval fantasy universe which has entranced audiences all across the globe, first through the wonderful George RR Martin books (some of us are huge fans!), and then via the fantastic HBO produced series, which really brings the books to life!

Given the extremely tight turnaround needed on this one, we launch ourselves into a creative whirlwind of shaping up the score drawn from live electronics, orchestral hits and waterphones, sculpting the sound design, adding some additional foley impacts to the hits and clanks of the armoury, recording in the live area our own screams, chants and breathing, crafting all of these elements into a subtly majestic soundscape following the narrative throughout the 30 second trailer with finely judged precision.