Score and Sound Design by Radium Audio

Trains, bridges, windows, backyards, cafes and diners, streets and avenues.. join us travelling along an endless loop between our two great nations Britain and United States… Atlantic on BSkyB gives you the best of both worlds as we sculpt the sound and music of the 2012 idents for Sky Creative.

It’s always a challenge to take the everyday and add a dramatic twist. In this project it’s the sonic embellishments that count… the lazy swell of the backyard, the epic feel and drive of the train across Brooklyn … then Newcastle bridge, the mini-me of London’s Canary Wharf in London and bigger brother Downtown Manhattan … these seamlessly meshed panoramic vistas all require a theme, and a soundtrack that sets the emotional tone of voice. One of things we really love about what we do is being able to delve into the scene … albeit not for long … but that’s the craft, telling an epic tale in 20 seconds, and making it work.. which is a creative pleasure with the finely drawn vistas in the Sky Atlantic promos.

Here are some of the additional themes and offcuts from ideas

Radium-Audio ยท Radium Atlantic Themes & Variations