Original Score, Bespoke Sound Creation and Sound Design by Radium Audio

The minute is a special place. Unseen macrocosms within an unimagined universe bind us together …

Radium collaborates with visual artist Clemens Wirth on a non-commercial project to further explore the macroverse. Our creative vision is to continue our conversation with the Macro Kingdom.. an ongoing poem in the tradition of the two previous films which have been created exploring this theme. What is so special about the scaled up infinite? Certainly it is not an insignificance.. as you can see and hear..

We bring to life forms, shapes, ideas. We enliven your attention through this regal landscape of atomic proportion. The sounds, created from found objects, the camera capturing moments in detail which are otherwise too easy to overlook.

Experience the macrocosmic ….

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  • Behind the Scenes Short Film
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Behind the Scenes – Making of Macro Kingdom III


A look behind the scenes at how we created the sound for Macro Kingdom III

We introduced liquid nitrogen, dry ice and various specialist microphones to listen into the minute conversation between atomic particles and and rapidly reducing temperatures. … also remixing our original music score and sound design.

Radium-Audio ยท Macro Kingdom Music-Remixes and Sound FX

Listen to the evolution of the Sound and Music for Macro Kingdom

Creating sound for Macro Kingdom III :
Peter miked up in the Radiumphonic Lab, freezing objects with liquid nitrogen