When Clemens Wirth tells us about his new project, an abstract macro-journey to a newly discovered planet created from live action and practical effects without CG, we get very excited about exploring an entirely new sound planet along with Clem’s imaginery visual journey.

We ask ourselves, how does it feel to explore a new planet? Anticipation? Excitement? Fear? Will we feel victorious and triumphant? Will there be moments of serenity? Or will we feel small, dwarfed by the vastness of the Multiverse?

What will we find there? Will it be familiar? Or strange? Will it delight us? Or will we be afraid? How can we possibly know what to expect? Or, might repeating fractal patterns throughout planes of reality, and other-reality, simply remind us of home?

In sound we explore all of these thoughts and more, when we touch down on Planet 9.