If you’re talented, enthusiastic, want to make a career in music and sound and feel you connect with our approach, we’re always interested to hear from you. However, given that we’re a comparatively small team, the best time to reach out to us tends to be when we’re specifically looking to fill a position.

To succeed in our team you’ll very likely be :

  • easy to get along with, cheerful under pressure, and mindful of small team dynamics
  • highly self motivated, keen to be challenged, and totally up for being pushed to learn and improve your craft
  • happy to “muck in” and get involved wherever needed

If you’re applying for a role with us, please

Ensure that you follow any application instructions for naming and formatting carefully. We often receive many enquiries and this means we can give your submission our full attention without the delay and distraction of working through multiple and varied attachments, file transfer formats and link locations, and then trying to figure out who sent what …

Be patient. The old saying goes that the squeaky wheel gets the attention but it really is best if you wait to hear from us. If we like what we hear and your application demonstrates that you have what we’re looking for, we’ll definitely be in touch!

Only apply for inhouse positions if you have the ongoing unlimited right to live and work in the UK, you are already living or prepared to relocate within daily travel distance of our studio, and taking employment with us will not breach any conditions of your UK visa.

Appreciate that while we will send acknowledgement of receipt for your submission, due to time constraints we can only engage with applicants who are under further consideration.

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Other Current Opportunities:

Recent Opportunities:

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