To succeed in our team you’ll very likely be sonically talented; fast and focused in studio; highly self motivated, keen to push yourself and be challenged to improve your craft; and happy to “muck in”, getting involved wherever needed. So if you’re interested in joining us, you have three options. You can apply for a specifically advertised role under “Current Opportunities” when these are available; you can enquire via “Graduate Submissions”; or you can reach out via general “Open Submissions”. See below for more details. …

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Current Opportunities

Right now you can use our Graduate Submissions and Open Submissions paths to reach out to us. Check back here regularly, or sign up at the bottom of this page to receive email updates about new opportunities coming.

Graduate Submissions

Every year around June -­ August we see a big jump in number of emails received from new graduates and industry entrants enquiring about opportunities with us. So this year, 2017, we decided to create a section on our website dedicated to new entrants to the industry. Click the image above to check out our shiny new Graduate Submissions path. Please be sure to read through all the info and FAQs before you get in touch, thanks!

Open Submissions

If we’re not advertising a specific role which is right for you, but you’d still like to get involved with Radium, our Open Submissions route is an invitation to reach out to us at any time, share your work with us, and tell us how you think you’d best be able to contribute to the team. Click the image above to find out more. Be sure to read through all the info and FAQS before you get in touch, thanks!.

Recent Positions Filled

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