Radium Workshops are all about practical exploration of creative, technical, and commercial approaches to sound. Our workshops have included open days, research and experimentation sessions, and practical learning groups where we share the real life, on-the-job knowledge we’ve learned and developed as a highly visible and successful creative music and sound team. If you’d like to get involved with these you can sign up to our mailing list below, and we’ll deliver all the latest news about events, learning groups, short courses and any applicable fees direct to your inbox!

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Our workshops are as much about inspiration as they are about learning and exploring. All creativity springs from inspiration, and inspiration is a two way street. We aim to have sonic explorers who spend time in studio with us take away valuable learning, experience and inspiration, from our team and also from each other, to help them move forward with their creative and career goals.


Participants: 4
Duration: 1 Day

Radium Facebookers Rob and Gianluca joined our interns Oliver and Sheldon inhouse with us for a 1 day sonic workshop exploring sound for GUI (graphic user interface). We all spent the day originating, exploring and designing GUI sounds for a short video, incorporating source from our modular rack. We covered initial setup & record, edit, process and designing sound for the video. Everyone had the opportunity to explore practical sound design with modular synthesis, Pro Tools editing, RX cleanup, FX design & usage, narrative layers and edits to follow onscreen detail and story, and had input and feedback on their piece from the Radium team. Our sonic explorers took away from the workshop a new sound design showreel piece, and an original mini sound library created in our studio.


Participants: 4
Duration: 1 Week

Radium Facebookers Giulia and Olive joined our interns Oliver and Sheldon inhouse with us for a 1 week sonic workshop exploring sound design for a motiongraphic video. We all explored designing sound for a playful piece with loads of dynamic movement and colour and fast paced geometric shapes kinetically interacting. We started from scratch in the foley lab, moving through the entire process of selecting props for the project, how to setup and capture the best recordings of these, then how to take them from raw source through to final designed sound assets ready to layer and edit with the visual piece. We covered Pro Tools edit and RX Cleanup, and delved into creative techniques and ideas to help each person add their own distinctive flair and personality to their piece. We also held a discussion group about the business side of being a sound designer, covering everything from client and project management to evolving industry structures and how to navigate these. Our sonic explorers were creatively mentored by the Radium team, and came away from the week with with a personalised showreel piece, and a fresh sound library to bring to their client work.

  • Project Planning Project Planning
  • Exploring Foley Exploring Foley
  • Making (sound)Waves! Making (sound)Waves!
  • In the Edit Suite In the Edit Suite
  • In the SSL Mix Room In the SSL Mix Room
  • Exploring Modular Sound Exploring Modular Sound
  • Visual Scoping Visual Scoping
  • Final STOMP recording before Beer-o-Clock. Yay! Final STOMP recording before Beer-o-Clock. Yay!
  • Sound to Picture Sound to Picture
  • Showreel final mix & review - Giulia Showreel final mix & review - Giulia
  • Showreel final mix & review - Oliver Showreel final mix & review - Oliver
  • Ready ... steady ... GO! Ready ... steady ... GO!
  • Recording voice textures Recording voice textures
  • Everyone selects their foley props Everyone selects their foley props
  • Editing sound to picture Editing sound to picture
  • Exploring timbres Exploring timbres
  • Showreel Time! Showreel Time!