Radium Workshops are all about practical exploration of creative, technical, and commercial approaches to sound design and music. Our workshops have included open days, research and experimentation sessions, and practical learning groups where we share the real life, on-the-job knowledge we’ve learned and developed as a highly visible and successful creative music and sound team.

Read on below to find out more about short courses you can book right now. Places are strictly limited. Only 4 seats per course.

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Kickstart your career as a freelance sound designer with our starter professional development course. In a small, 4 person working group, we take you through a sound design project from start to finish including creative briefing, scoping, preplanning sound, pitching, fee and contract negotiation, sound fx recording and creation, sound design to picture, and creative industry structures and working practices.

We’ll be focusing on creative sound design, an in-demand sub discipline which incorporates skillsets from both music composition/production and traditional foley/timeline sound design, and exploring the key set of techniques needed to creatively and technically nail that particular aspect of the wider world of sound to picture. This workshop is all about exploring the creative space where sound design and music meet and morph, for which there is strong demand in today’s media landscape across film and game trailers, animation material, and advertising sectors.

We’ll show you creative tips, tricks and techniques tailored for your current individual stage of development, and help you map out the next steps in your own personal evolution. You’ll receive an exclusively created Radium Sonic Motion sound library licensed for full commercial use, and we’ll guide you through creating a brand new showreel piece to send out to your potential clients. We’ll create for you a behind-the-scenes self promotion video and photo package from your time with us, for your social media, website, and online professional profiles. The Radium team will also select one final showreel piece from the Sonic Motion Workshop to feature in our quarterly UK media sector outreach.


    • Learn key creative & technical building blocks for hybrid sound/music motion design
    • Learn to handle initial client briefing and negotiate terms
    • Gain understanding of creative sector clients & and their creative & commercial priorities
    • Learn to pre-plan and resource your sound design project
    • Learn pro tips and tricks for project and client management
    • Individual creative and commercial mentoring from the Radium team
    • Learn how quickly create from scratch sound assets when needed
    • Receive exclusive Radium Motion sound library fully licenced for commercial use
    • Licensed visual asset for your showreel
    • Create your new sound design to picture showreel piece for sending out to potential clients
    • Behind the scenes video & photo self promotion pack for you to use on social media and your professional online profiles
    • Certificate of Completion

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We’ve worked on a huge range of projects throughout our career. Our body of work and awards speaks for itself. Check out our recent “Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado” film trailer above. Following are some other at-a-glance credits

Film & Game Trailers

Venom | First Man | Girl in the Spider’s Web | Battlefield 5 | The Darkest Minds | Ant Man & The Wasp | Jurassic World 2:Fallen Kingdom | Hold the Dark | Miss Bala | Bladerunner 2049 | Overlord | Operation Finale | A Quiet Place | Red Sparrow | Black Panther | Avengers 3:Infinity War | Bohemian Rhapsody | The Dark Tower | The Foreigner | Eighth Grade | Maze Runner 3:The Death Cure | The Commuter | Insidious 4:The Last Key | Murder on the Orient Express | Skyscraper | Geostorm | Bright | Valerian & the City of 1000 Planets | The Mummy | Atomic Blonde | Alien Covenant | Farpoint VR | Life | Ghost in the Shell | Passengers | Kingsglaive:Final Fantasy XV | Rainbow Six Siege | Free State of Jones | Midnight Special | Warcraft:The Beginning | Eye in the Sky | Jurassic World | The Walk | Everest and more ……

Broadcast & TV

Game of Thrones | Shannara Chronicles | The Leftovers | Legion | Luke Cage | 12 Monkeys | Colony | The Expanse | Penny Dreadful | Jekyll & Hyde | The Walking Dead | Sky Sports News Branding & Idents | Sky Sports Channel Branding & Idents | Sky Arts Channel Brand Package | BT Sport Channel Brand Package | Nat Geo Network Idents | Science Channel Promo Spots | BBC Winter Olympics Idents | Sochi Olympics Broadcast Ident Package | BBC Worldwide Channel Idents Package and more …

Brand Advertising, Content & Experiential

Apple | Google | SonyPlaystation | Xbox | Bentley | Mercedes | Ferrari | BMW | Dell | EE | Samsung | Intel | Panasonic | Standard Life | British Gas | BP London Olympics | Shell | Linden Labs Blocksworld | Paul Smith | Hasselblad | Nike | Dr Martens | Burberry and more …



Initially, we started exploring the idea in response to demand. We constantly receive phone and email requests from creatives requesting to spend time in our studio learning from us, and we’re often invited to give guest lectures at Universities, Colleges, and Professional Media Events. In the past we limited our involvement with these, choosing to keep our focus squarely on our own team’s training, creative development and our professional work. However, after a great deal of internal discussion and exploration of the idea, including running several trial short courses to start with, we saw a clear case for expanding this aspect of what we do, and offering some Professional Development Workshops on a formal basis, in our own studios.

When we ran our trials, we found that it was inspiring and really healthy for our team’s own development to share their knowledge and connect with new creatives. As sound and music creatives ourselves, we spend a lot of days in dark studios wrestling with complex creative briefs, deep in the edit. We found in the initial trials we ran that taking some time out from what we usually do to think about, talk about, and share our knowledge, and engage with other creatives, gave us all a fresh perspective, deepened, defined and refined our thoughts about what we do every day, and it really energized the whole studio.

When we occasionally work with new freelancers we often find we need to spend time showing them how to connect with our team and with the project seamlessly before they’re able to make a valuable contribution to what we’re doing. Our Sonic Motion workshop in particular addresses this, and is applicable industry wide.

In the digital age, audio sample packs are everywhere and often used for cost effectiveness and convenience. They have their place, and if well produced they’re great, in the right context. However, each instance of recording and processing in a production chain inevitably degrades sound quality and impact of storytelling, and for that reason we believe it’s incredibly important to preserve the art and craft of originating sound from scratch, whilst evolving it to fuse with the digital environment we all work in today.

This is now becoming especially important with the rapid evolution of VR, AR, MR and XR virtual worldbuilding. In those contexts, the experiential really suffers if the sound doesn’t feel real. This ethos has always threaded throughout all Radium’s work, and we hope to share this with like-minded creatives, so they can themselves also carry it forward into the future.

We’ve always advertised any full time positions we’re looking to fill, and we spend a great deal of time reviewing job applications and listening through demos. Whilst we must make it clear that there is absolutely no connection between taking one of our short courses and gaining a position on our inhouse team, logically it does make sense that occasionally we may meet future team members initially through these short courses.


Andrew Diey, after initially getting started as a solo touring music artist, then moving into working as a music and sound freelancer, formed Radium as a team of like-minded creatives on a mission to explore in detail the craft of sound and music, and take that craft as far as it could possibly go. You can read more about Andrew’s background prior to forming Radium HERE. Having now been multi awarded including having picked up an Emmy along the way, we’ve seen our name in credits in every medium going. We’ve managed sound and music projects in the industry’s top creative agencies and global game studios, multi-national corporate HQs and acclaimed post production facilities, major UK & USA broadcasters and the factories of the giants of industry. Our sound and music has been heard in Bentley and Ferrari cars, Nokia ringtones, corporate brand idents, broadcast idents, long form content, game sound, and now in some of the most high profile film and game trailers globally.

Andrew Diey, Radium’s founder, has delivered seminars on sound at various events as well as lecturing and creating learning module materials for educational institutions including the European “Game On” expo, the International Festival of Electronic Music and Audiovisual Arts and Manchester Metropolitan University. Andrew was also nominated to represent the UK on the Management Committee of the COST Action IC0601, a group of 18 delegates from 14 countries tasked with researching the use of sound as a principal channel for conveying information, meaning, and emotional qualities within the contexts of interaction design, auditory display and sonification, sound and music computing, sound modelling, and sound perception and cognition

That aside, at Radium we’ve always invested heavily in developing new talent, in the past focusing our training efforts around developing our own team. Many of our team have been given their first opportunity to work in music and sound for moving picture at Radium, and their development has been an integral part of what we’ve achieved in the industry. So we’ve learned quite a lot about what it takes to grow into a successful professional in the field of sound and music, and how best to go about getting there. Now, we’re offering to share that knowledge and experience not just inside of our own team, but also with others who are interested to learn from us.



First, let’s talk about what we don’t do. We’re not looking to compete with existing formal education for the creative sector. We’re not delivering pure technical how-to courses in how to use Logic, Protools, Cubase, or any other DAW. We don’t give lengthy lectures in the theory or history of sound and music. We won’t be setting essays for you to write, or written assignments for you to complete. There are plenty of other really great options available for you to explore those more traditional, formal aspects of learning about audio.

What we do offer you is a fast track, useful, practical professional development option, in a very small 4 person learning group allowing for a highly individualized experience within a supportive team environment. We deliver specialist, niche, tangible creative, commercial and career knowledge, upskilling and tools. Straight away.

  • Perhaps you’ve just completed a course of study in sound/music, you’re about to start working with your first clients, and you’d like a proven roadmap for starting as a comparative beginner to navigate that professional environment both creatively and commercially.
  • If you’re in beginning stages of your career and already working with clients but would like to get some professional input, mentoring, and/or some additional showreel material for what you’re doing, our short courses will be really helpful at this stage of your development.
  • Maybe you’re thinking about seriously pursuing a career in sound and music but haven’t decided yet. Our short courses, delivered in a working studio with a current professionally successful team, will give you some excellent insight into what it’s really like to work in our industry, and in most cases, a taster of real project flow and deadline pressure, so you can make an informed decision about your future career in audio.
  • Perhaps you’re heading to University, want to study media production, dabbled already in sound and music, but not completely sure if that’s where you should specialise? Our short courses can give you a flavour of the creative audio industry, to help you decide if that’s the right educational path to pursue formally.
  • Perhaps there’s a very niche sound or music creative area/skillset you’d like to explore and learn more about in a collaborative, working studio environment.

Check each individual course for the specific outcomes we’re delivering.



Everyone’s individual learning style is different. On studio days we offer a stimulating mix of short talks, discussion groups, collaborative working, individual mentoring and individual practice sessions, moving easily between those modes depending on the needs of the working group and the material we’re exploring.

Remote working days in your own familiar environment allow space for everything you’ve learned with us to really sink in. You can work in your own time at your own speed whilst still being mentored by us. Where deadlines apply, you’ll also get a real taster of having to deliver under time pressure, which is part and parcel of our industry. Our professional development workshops are intensive experiences designed to help you take a genuine step closer to achieving your ambitions.



Our workshops are as much about community and inspiration as they are about learning and exploring. When you come to Radium for one of our Workshops, you’re joining our small inhouse creative community, becoming part of our team dynamic while you’re with us, and, if you choose, remaining connected to us even after your Workshop is finished. We aim for our Workshops to help you take a step forward in your career, and we really want to hear about how you apply what you’ve learned with us, where you’ve found it useful, and for you to keep us up to date with what you achieve afterwards.

We have a warm and fun environment at Radium, everyone vibes off each other and pushes the craft forward together. We’re always researching and experimenting with new ideas, and during your time with us, you’ll be able to share your experiences, create collaboratively, and you’ll get feedback and encouragement not only from the Radium team, but also from other like-minded people you’ll meet in your small, 4 person learning group. Radium Workshops is based at Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol, where there are always TV and Film productions happening all around us, and it’s not unusual to see a Medieval Knight, a Renaissance Princess, a Spacesuited Astronaut, or various other fantastical characters walking past our front door, talking on a cellphone, on the way to shooting their next scene.

All creativity springs from inspiration, and inspiration is a two way street. We aim to have sonic explorers who spend time in studio with us take away valuable learning, experience and inspiration, from our team and also from each other, to help you move forward with your creative and career goals!


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  • Riding the Desk Riding the Desk
  • Lists ... Lists ...
  • Sonic Motion: Starting on Showreel Piece Sonic Motion: Starting on Showreel Piece
  • Crazy Voices! Crazy Voices!
  • More Crazy Voices! Just wait til we get to processing them ... More Crazy Voices! Just wait til we get processing them ...
  • Sonic Motion Workshop: Ready ... steady ... GO! Sonic Motion Workshop: Ready ... steady ... GO!
  • Livestream Frippertronics : Setting Up Livestream Frippertronics : Setting Up
  • Machine Jam! Machine Jam!
  • Capturing Sound Capturing Sound
  • Sonic Data: Getting into the Modular Rack Sonic Data: Getting into the Modular Rack
  • Sonic Motion: Recording Sonic Motion: Recording
  • Sonic Motion: Team Work Sonic Motion: Team Work
  • In the Mix Suite In the Mix Suite
  • Sonic Data Workshop: Exploring Foley Sonic Data Workshop: Exploring Foley
  • Shadow Oscillations Recording Day Shadow Oscillations Recording Day
  • Making the Copper Sing Making the Copper Sing
  • Workshops Ready Room Workshops Ready Room
  • Sonic Data Workshop: In the Edit Suite Sonic Data Workshop: In the Edit Suite
  • Team Jam Team Jam
  • Sonic Data Workshop: In the SSL Mix Room Sonic Data Workshop: In the SSL Mix Room
  • Sonic Data Workshop: Exploring Modular Sound Sonic Data Workshop: Exploring Modular Sound
  • Sonic Data Workshop: Hands Dirty! Sonic Data Workshop: Hands Dirty!
  • Sonic Motion Workshop: Everyone selects their foley props Sonic Motion Workshop: Everyone selects their foley props
  • Foley Session - Make Some Noise! Foley Session - Make Some Noise!
  • Ready Room Creative Briefing Ready Room Creative Briefing
  • Sonic Motion Workshop: Editing sound to picture Sonic Motion Workshop: Editing sound to picture
  • Sonic Data Workshop: Final STOMP recording before Beer-o-Clock. Yay! Sonic Data Workshop: Final STOMP recording before Beer-o-Clock. Yay!
  • Sonic Data Workshop: Crafting Sound to Picture Sonic Data Workshop: Crafting Sound to Picture
  • Sonic Motion Workshop: Showreel final mix & review - Giulia Sonic Motion Workshop: Showreel final mix & review - Giulia
  • Sonic Motion Workshop: Showreel final mix & review - Oliver Sonic Motion Workshop: Showreel final mix & review - Oliver
  • Sonic Data Workshop: Making (sound) Shapes! Sonic Data Workshop: Making (sound) Shapes!
  • Sonic Motion Workshop: Showreel Time! Sonic Motion Workshop: Showreel Time!
  • Frippertronics Livestream Crew Frippertronics Livestream Crew